Mission Statement

To Be a Strong Voice …

bringing our community straight information
about planning decisions affecting our quality of life

To Be a Strong Voice …

standing in united opposition to actions degrading our environment,
our historic resources, and the stability of our community

To Be a Strong Voice …

protecting our neighborhood community
from the well-documented results of overcrowding

To Be a Strong Voice …

ensuring developers, planners and politicians suffer our vigilance
when they manipulate the system for their convenience
against the best interests of our community


LANA was founded in 2002 in response to the then proposed developments at the corner of 14th at Madison, and 14th at Jackson Streets. These projects overwhelm in height, bulkiness and density existing buildings in this historic neighborhood.

The stability of the downtown lakeside community, its heritage, and its residents' quality of life have been undermined with insensitive development, social disruption, and constant construction noise. Wholesale removal of shade trees once lining our sidewalks adds insult to injury.

After the construction dust settled at 14th and Jackson, we were left with an eight-story, "luxury" condominium building that towers over the neighborhood with its white plastic shrink wrap shroud, liberally punctuated with graffiti. At 14th and Madison, the owners of the neighboring Islamic Cultural Center — a registered historic landmark with the highest rating — removed the exquisite stained glass windows to prevent their destruction when construction began. Not yet completed, this eight-story cement building, designed with little imagination or care, will join 14th and Jackson as a neighborhood eyesore. It will permanently cut off the view of the Islamic Cultural Center from 14th Street south, and condemn the neighboring buildings to perpetual shade.

The two forementioned developments are a harbinger of things to come. If we fail to act now, it will be too late. This historic neighborhood will be ruined.